Recently discovered topological insulator materials provide novel low dimensional metals that can be investigated using the powerful tools of mesoscopic physics. The aim of this meeting is to bring together experimentalists and theorists to explore issues related to coherent transport through Dirac materials and topological surface states, proximity induced superconductivity as well as non-equilibrium aspects in such systems. Moreover new experimental tools that have recently allowed a real space imaging of edge states will be discussed.

The program of the workshop can be found here.

Invited Speakers

  • Olivier Crauste (Institut NÉEL Grenoble)
  • Fernando de Juan (UC Berkeley)
  • Balazs Dora (Budapest)
  • Pierre Delplace (ENS Lyon)
  • Joseph Dufouleur (IFW Dresden)
  • Sophie Guéron (LPS Paris)
  • Ewelina Hankiewick (Wurzburg)
  • Manuel Houzet (CEA Grenoble)
  • Timothy Hsieh (MIT)
  • Karyn Le Hur (Ecole Polytechnique )
  • Aditi Mitra (NYU)
  • Teemu Ojanen (Aalto University)
  • Falko Pientka (FU Berlin)
  • Patrik Recher (TU Braunschweig)
  • Jaime Sánchez-Barriga (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin)
  • Jonathan Sobota (Stanford)
  • Leticia Tarruell (ICFO Barcelona)
  • Frédéric Teppe (CNRS Montpellier)

Scientific coordinators

  • Jens H Bárðarson (MPIPKS Dresden)
  • Hélène Bouchiat (LPS Orsay)
  • Jérôme Cayssol (Université de Bordeaux LOMA)

Local coordinators

  • Sophie Grandet (CNRS LOMA)
  • Isabelle Guillaume (Université de Bordeaux LOMA) 

Application and General information

You may apply to this workshop and submit an abstract for poster presentation (a couple of abstract submissions will be selected for an oral presentation). Applications made before September 30 will be considered preferentially. The registration fee (70 euros for students and postdoctoral researchers, and 100 euros for faculty) will cover expenses for participation, lunches, and coffee breaks. Accommodation and travel support is not provided.


The conference will be held in the hotel Mercure Bordeaux Centre (5 rue Robert Lateulade 33000 Bordeaux). Directions to hotel:

From the airport Mérignac: 

Taxi: 20 minutes (don’t forget to request a receipt if you need reimbursement)
Bus: line 1, direction Quinconces. Stop at Manège (40 minutes)
From the train station:  
Taxi: 20 minutes (don’t forget to request a receipt if you need reimbursement)
Tram: line C towards stop Porte de Bourgogne, then change to tram line A and stop at Meriadeck (30 minutes)
Bus: line 16 and stop at Galerie des Beaux Arts (30 minutes)

List of nearby hotels

Hotel Mercure Bordeaux Centre, 5 rue Robert Lateulade, 33000 Bordeaux (where the conference will be held).

Hotel Ibis Bordeaux Centre Meriadeck, 35 Cours du Marechal Juin, 33000 Bordeaux.

Hotel Novotel Bordeaux Centre Meriadeck, 45 Cours du Marechal Juin, 33000 Bordeaux.

Citadines Centre Meriadeck, 25 Rue Jean Fleuret, 33000 Bordeaux.